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Luca Bloom Shares his Experience on Acupuncture

Many of us are aware of the golden voice of Irish musician, Luka Bloom. In this short video, he shares his personal experience of how acupuncture has helped him and he became a “fan”.
“I had more energy, I had more positivity, and ever since then I’ve been attending on a regular basis”

Dr. Vincent Carroll talk about ARC Cancer Support

ARC Cancer Support has now added acupuncture to its many therapeutic services for people either suffering from cancer, or those supporting people with cancer. Dr Vincent Carroll, MD and Acupuncturist tells us what ARC does, and why. Some of our leading hospitals recommend this service for those enduring such a journey, and our acupuncturists volunteer their time and expertise to help. It’s an enjoyable short video that certainly piques an interest, but more importantly, how acupuncture is now being recognised as a valuable addition in the toolkit of cancer treatments.

Carina Claffey talks about Digestion and Acupuncture

Watching and listening to Carina Claffey (currently practicing in Co. Kerry), talk about digestive disorders is an education in itself. She takes this vast complex area and effortlessly explains some of the most common disorders of the digestive system within the framework of Chinese medical thinking. This is no easy task, yet she comfortably achieves a highly informative video for any sufferer of IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, pain and more. She also talks about how serotonin levels affect the gut and how it influences digestion, equally so, how the gut is involved with the production of serotonin. A big factor in mood disorders. This is a must see for those that want a short simple explanation of how acupuncture can work for digestive disorders. As a representative of our practicing acupuncturists in Ireland, their knowledge and skill, she demonstrates the benchmark of our standards for all members of the ACI..

2011 – 2012 ACI Ambassador: Robert Heffernan – Irish Olympic Athlete talks about acupuncture

For me, acupuncture as part of my care regime works as it has an enhancing, therapeutic and most importantly a preventative effect on my body. It helps to maintain my physical wellbeing, which allows for a good performance whilst supporting my sharpness of focus as well. Acupuncture also has the power to facilitate healing meaning that it can also harm if inappropriately used. There are a lot of poorly trained acupuncturists and I believe that is why it is essential to attend an experienced, registered acupuncturist from the Acupuncture Council of Ireland. Then you can have faith that their high standards and training can offer guidance towards the best results in care.

Suzanne Cafferky and Hannah O’Connell at the 2013 Migraine Conference

Catching up with Suzanne Cafferky and Hannah O’Connell at the 2013 Migraine conference, we asked them to talk about how acupuncture helps IVF and Pregnancy, when to start acupuncture treatments and why it helps. This short video demonstrates not only the level of understanding, research, knowledge and expertise these acupuncturists have in the western approach including the drugs used in IVF procedures, but in their own field too. Without rehearsal, this easy and informative video gives a clearer understanding to anyone who wishes to know more about the different western fertility protocols used in IVF procedures alongside the scientifically proven role of an acupuncturist in this area.


In this short video, Maria O Redan a practicing acupuncturist for over 20 years explains how ‘any’ type of pain be it acute or chronic, medical or injury based can be treated successfully.Not only can acupuncture positively enhance the quality of life for individuals with such sufferings, but scientific evidence compiled over the last 30 years supports these claims. Using acupuncture to reduce pain is a treatment option that all people should be availing of.


Marese McElduff a founder member of the ACI gives us a quick insight into how acupuncture can help anxiety, depression and stress. With a wealth of experience of 25 years, she brushes gently over this vast area to explain that in acupuncture terms these conditions are immediately treated and proven by MRI scans no less! Keeping this beautifully simple and elegant, Marese informs us that mental health issues can and are successfully treated using Acupuncture, across all age groups young and old. She explains that this system of medicine has always recognised the mental and emotional health of the person. It’s inbuilt in the thinking of an acupuncturist, which means it’s within the training of all practitioners. With our awareness of a growing population suffering more in these areas, quite simply put, we can help.

Dr Gascoigne talking about Acupuncture as a treatment support
for Cancer Sufferers

Dr Stephen Gascoigne is a medical doctor, acupuncturist, herbalist. He has been in clinical practice for over 35 years initially in hospital and general practice. He subsequently trained in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and has run a busy practice devoted solely to Chinese medicine since 1985. In the 1980’s, he was medical advisor to the Morecambe Bay Cancer Help Centre. He is particularly interested in supporting people with serious conditions such as cancer, endocrine disorders and autoimmune diseases.

2013 – 2015 ACI Ambassador: Scott Evans

We are delighted to announce that Scott Evans is our 2015 ACI Ambassador. We wish him the best of luck in his upcoming year. Scott talked to us about why he likes to use acupuncture while sitting there with needles in for a knee injury that is bothering him.

“I have been using Acupuncture for many years, mostly for my ankle problems a couple of years ago. I have always felt this was the best treatment to get me back on court as soon as possible.”

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