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In reality, stress affects men and women from all walks and ages of life. Quite often, the result of exposure to prolonged negative stress, leads to issues such as pain or as a growing body of evidence reports, mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and much more. Complicated with this is the stigma associated with mental health disorders. While people can and do recover from these periods in their lives, the road to recovery and management of stress can be more complex than often portrayed. Diverse strategies are needed to deal with this growing complaint within Ireland, and Acupuncture is one such strategy. Our system of medicine has written about how the human body behaves for over five thousands of years.
Such extensive knowledge, tried, practiced and still evolving today, understands the fundamental necessity of responding to stress in a positive manner. Treatment plans therefore encompass the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the self. Specific acupuncture points calm the mind down, encourage peaceful sleep and relax the diaphragm to help breathing to mention but a few. Traditionally, acupuncture excelled in prevention of ill health and stress, is very often recognised as one of the main precursors to health problems. (Irish Heart Foundation). If we can treat to help prevent illness, then it stands to reason we can treat stress and its manifestations, be it mentally, physically or emotionally. It may be that societies and the demands of life have changed, but the human body has not. So find your local acupuncturist today, deal with stress now.


Marese McElduff a founder member of the ACI gives us a quick insight into how acupuncture can help anxiety, depression and stress. With a wealth of experience of 25 years, she brushes gently over this vast area to explain that in acupuncture terms these conditions are immediately treated and proven by MRI scans no less! Keeping this beautifully simple and elegant, Marese informs us that mental health issues can and are successfully treated using Acupuncture, across all age groups young and old. She explains that this system of medicine has always recognised the mental and emotional health of the person. It’s inbuilt in the thinking of an acupuncturist, which means it’s within the training of all practitioners. With our awareness of a growing population suffering more in these areas, quite simply put, we can help.


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