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Pregnancy & Fertility

Conception is one of those areas we take for granted until we realise there is a problem. Equally so, when conception does occur, some women are at the mercy of many a symptom to be endured because it’s a natural state. It is in this area of gynecology where acupuncture comes to the fore. It naturally helps regulate the female body and the male to encourage natural conception or alongside treatments for fertility in the IVF clinics. Similarly it’s a natural treatment option to be used for expectant mothers for such symptoms of morning sickness, hyperemesis, heartburn, etc. Further to this it expands into the areas of preparation for labour and post partum (birth) issues women may suffer.

In Ireland today, there are acupuncturists working in the IVF clinics. Reproductive health is incredibly well educated, researched and documented. But, our message is to check yourself out before considering conception, that means any time. You can see an acupuncturist before you get to the stage of IVF. This is for men and women. In addition, stick with acupuncture throughout an IVF procedure it improves your chances by over 50%. Read our articles or find an acupuncturist in your local area for more detailed information on how we can help.

Suzanne Cafferky and Hannah O’Connell at the 2013 Migraine Conference

Catching up with Suzanne Cafferky and Hannah O’Connell at the 2013 Migraine conference, we asked them to talk about how acupuncture helps IVF and Pregnancy, when to start acupuncture treatments and why it helps. This short video demonstrates not only the level of understanding, research, knowledge and expertise these acupuncturists have in the western approach including the drugs used in IVF procedures, but in their own field too. Without rehearsal, this easy and informative video gives a clearer understanding to anyone who wishes to know more about the different western fertility protocols used in IVF procedures alongside the scientifically proven role of an acupuncturist in this area.

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