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Pre Birth Acupuncture

Pre birth acupuncture is when a woman is treated in the final weeks of pregnancy at about week 36/37 right up to the end.

It’s physical action is to help ripen the women’s cervix, prepare the pelvis thus encouraging her body to move into the optimum state for delivering her baby. It helps baby move into an anterior position whilst boosting the woman’s energy and mental and physical stamina. It can also help with any other issue she may be experiencing, whether it be physical or emotional from back pain to carpal tunnel, heartburn, hypertension, insomnia or even a growing sense of anxiety at the task ahead.

Research suggests that by having weekly sessions it can reduce the incidence of medical interventions, such as induction, C- section and even the need to have episiotomies.

To quote Debra Betts: ( Debra Betts.)

“Data on 169 women was gathered by 14 midwives as part of their midwifery practice in New Zealand.  It found that when comparing all caregivers (midwives, general practitioners, and specialists) to those women who received pre-birth acupuncture there was:

~ An overall 35% reduction in the number of inductions (for women having their 1st baby there was a 43% reduction)
~ A 31% reduction in the epidural rate
~ 32% reduction in cesarean delivery
~ 9% increase in vaginal birth”

This data alone suggests that pre-birth acupuncture gives every pregnant woman a chance to reduce the need for medical intervention and a better chance of experiencing a desirable and more efficient labour.

Written by Suzanne Cafferky

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