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What books can I read to learn more?

There are literally hundreds of books on TCM and acupuncture and it is difficult to distinguish what books are suitable for the general public and what books are really textbooks for the acupuncture practitioner. The following books are excellent for the reader who wishes to know more about acupuncture/TCM without getting bogged down in textbook detail.

‘The Web that has no Weaver’, Ted. Kaptchuk, Rev. 2000 Edn, Contemporary Books Inc.,
ISBN 0-8092-2840-8.

‘A Guide to Acupuncture’, Firebrace & Hill, 1988, Hamyln Publishing,
ISBN 0-600-56014-7

‘Principles of Acupuncture’, Angela Hicks, 1997, Thorsons,
ISBN 0-7225-3409-4

‘Between Heaven & Earth – A Guide to Chinese Medicine’, Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold, 1992, Ballantine Books Inc., ISBN 0-3453-7974-8

These books can be ordered through major booksellers or on the web via

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