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Should I discontinue my prescribed medication if I begin to feel better after acupuncture treatment?

The unequivocal answer to this is no! The decision to prescribe medication is made by your GP having evaluated your condition and based on many years of training and clinical experience. You should never change your medication regimen without consulting your GP and getting his/her agreement. Your acupuncturist (unless he/she is also your GP) is not qualified to advise you on making changes to your medication and any acupuncturist who advises you to do so should be immediately reported to his/her governing association.

Many people seek acupuncture treatment because of dissatisfaction with medication, perhaps it doesn’t seem to be working or the side effects are unacceptable. If this is the case then you should review this with your GP who may be able to select a different drug or vary the treatment protocol. While you may begin to feel better after several acupuncture treatments and feel that you are less reliant on your medication, never discontinue prescribed medication without reviewing this with your GP.

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