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Is Acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is a safe form of treatment if performed by a well trained, conscientious practitioner who has a good knowledge of human anatomy and who uses single use sterile disposable needles.

Your ACI member is bound by a strict Code of Clinical Practice and is well aware of infectious and notifiable diseases and is obliged to take every measure to ensure your (and his/her) health. However, inserting needles into the human body is an invasive technique and some Acupoints have the ability to cause harm to underlying anatomical structures, if you are in any doubt, ask the practitioner to justify his/her use and experience of these particular Acupoints and ask that an alternate Acupoint be selected if you are still uneasy.

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  • Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance Cover
    Members of the ACI are approved by Aviva, VHI, Laya Healthcare and HSA for Out-Patient insurance purposes.