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Acupuncture and its effect on the alleviation of stress

Several years ago, a family member introduced me to the art of acupuncture.

Having been diagnosed with a degenerative lung disease, bronchiectasis, I was on severe medication for long periods of time to keep my lungs clear of built-up masses of mucus which tended to result in regular infections. In effect, I was poisoning my system with copious amounts of antibiotics and steroids.

Through acupuncture, over time, I was able to cease taking the medication as my lungs became quite clear.

More recently, stress has been my big problem.

The major contributing factors to my stress were as follows:

  • Being unemployed for a significant period of time
  • Being financially dependent on welfare (for the first time ever)
  • Being ill for over 6-months and ending up in A&E
  • Being worried about my very sick mother, who subsequently passed away
  • Finally being employed again, but working 12-14 hours a day in a highly dynamic and fast-moving industry

I turned once more to acupuncture to see if there was anything that could be done to help me to balance my system as the stress was starting to make me ill again. Suzanne Cafferky was highly recommended and so for the past few months I have been attending her weekly.

During the initial session, once the needles were inserted, I could quite literally feel a peace and serenity permeating through my body and taking away those burning/stressful feelings of life. After the session, I truly felt like a new person and went home to sleep like I hadn’t been able to in months.

As a senior manager in a very dynamic workplace, I strongly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation to try acupuncture. It has a healing effect, not just on the body but on the soul. That feeling afterwards is like no other I’ve ever experienced.  To me, having acupuncture is as good a feeling as having a spa treatment such as massage or pampering session, except in my case I actually need it to be able to manage my levels of stress and stay off the medication.

Each week now I have a one-hour session with Suzanne that brings peace and harmony to my otherwise hectic lifestyle.  She has a spiritual aura that makes you feel at peace the minute you walk through the door.  She treats you like you are the only patient in the world and explores in-depth the reasons why you require the treatment and also makes key suggestions of how you can enhance the acupuncture experience with additional (yet realistic) changes to your lifestyle.

I could not recommend Suzanne highly enough.

Written by Suzanne Cafferky

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