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27 Sep 2014 – The TCM treatment of Gestation Disorders using Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture with Dr Trevor Wing

The Acupuncture Council of Ireland(ACI) are delighted to announce That Dr Trevor Wing will be back to deliver a seminar on ‘The TCM treatment of Gestation Disorders using Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture’ with Dr Trevor Wing from the UK on the day of our AGM Sat 27th Sept.

Time 10-3pm     AGM 3.30-5.30pm     Venue: Sandymount Hotel, Dublin 4.

Cost: 75 euro for ACI members if booked before the 1st September
After 1/9/14 95 Euro

CC members 90 Euro if booked before 1/9/14
After 1/9/14 105 Euro
Non-members: 120 euro

To book, call Mags on 061-276532 or email her at
10 CPD points awarded for attending.

Dr. Trevor Wing will review the TCM treatment of Gestation Disorders using Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. The lecture will include both current conventional medicine diagnostic tests and treatments botanical medicine and Acupuncture treatments for the most common disorders seen in clinic.

The following topics and conditions will be covered:


  • TCM diagnosis refresher
  • TCM obstetric physiology refresher
  • Chromosomes, genes and major fetal abnormalities
  • The role of ultrasound in pregnancy and interpreting reports
  • Urine and blood hCG


  • Nausea and vomiting – (Ren Shen E Zu)
  • Lower abdominal pain – (Ren Shen Fu Tong)
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Restless fetus – (Tai Dong Bu An)
  • Slippery fetus – (BM recurrent miscarriage) – (Hua Tai)
  • Gestational Diabetes (Ren Shen Fan Re)
  • High blood pressure (Ren Shen Gao Yue Ya)
  • Preeclampsia (Xian Bei Zi Xian)
  • Eclampsia (Zi Xian)
  • Placenta abnormalities (Tai Lou)
  • Labour induction
  • Difficult delivery (Nan Chan)
  • Stagnant delivery (Zhi Chan)

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